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You will never be a market leader if your clients are not satisfied. These customers are more than satisfied, and are happy to say so.


SimacSimac: ICT company chooses web solution
Simac nv is a supplier of ICT infrastructures and a strategic ICT integrator with a broad service offer for companies. For the second year in a row Simac has opted to give its employees a SwingGift Voucher by way of an end-of-year gift.

EnfinityEnfinity: Dealers rewarded
Enfinity is the Belgian market leader in solar energy systems to private individuals and the business world. Enfinity uses a network of authorised dealers for sales to private individuals. In the framework of a marketing support programme, the company asked SwingGroup to draw up an effective incentive campaign for this target group.

UnizoUnizo: Unizo rewards voluntary efforts with SwingGift Vouchers
Unizo, the largest employers’ organisation in Belgium, uses SwingGift Vouchers to reward their own employees and customers. For Communication Director Guy Muesen, the range of gifts offered and the cost efficiency of the system were decisive factors.

QuickQuick Restaurants: A dessert for all Belgians
That was the goal that Quick set itself when it launched an incentive campaign in the spring of 2010 under the title “Een beetje zoetigheid” (A little bit of sweetness) in all its restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgians are great dessert lovers – especially when you compare them with the French – so they could certainly use a little support.

TriFinanceTriFinance: He who seeks shall find
It is a generally known fact that people with a financial profile are not easy to find. And financial profiles are exactly what the company TriFinance is constantly looking for. In the classic media, but also among its own staff. Shana Cornelis, manager for internal and marketing communications at TriFinance: “Networking is a very strong medium today when it comes to attracting the right talent, there is no better channel than who knows who. This is also why we opted for an employee referral platform.”

JaguarJaguar: Successful advance bookings
When a new model is being introduced, car manufacturers want to produce as few stock cars as possible. Therefore it’s possible to book these models in advance. Jaguar did this with the XF and is now back with the magnificent XJ. But how do you sell a luxury limousine in the middle of an economic crisis?

PioneerPioneer: 3 dealer segments, 3 countries, 1 incentive programme
Pioneer Benelux depends on their dealers to sell their products, but motivating them is not easy: with 400 dealers in three segments it’s an enormous task, especially as the dealers are in three countries and speak two different languages.

LandbouwkredietLandbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole: Target godfathers action exceeded by 30%
In 2006 Landbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole launched the successful benefits programme, Fidelio, for the members of its cooperative, known as co-operators. The bank regularly calls upon existing members to attract new co-operators. Members who introduce a new co-operator become godparents and receive a gift. These godparent campaigns were causing a pile of administrative and logistical headaches.

FavorFavor Lease: Car dealers sell Favor Lease leasing contracts
Favor Lease is part of the Alcopa automotive distribution group, importers of Hyundai, Suzuki and Isuzu in Belgium. Favor Lease is a specialist in operational leasing. It offers its services via a network of auto dealers, who are thereby able to offer their clients a total-service package.

EnfocusEnfocus: Suitable Gifts for Enfocus-dealers all over the world
The secret of successful incentive and loyalty campaigns? That is touching people personally. If participants in such campaigns are nearby or on the other side of the world, SwingGroup appeals to everybody in his own language, with messages that are of use to them.