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SwingGift Year-End Promotion in collaboration with Zita
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SwingGift Year-End Promotion in collaboration with Zita

€ 7,500 worth of gift vouchers to be won

SwingGift regularly organises great promotions in which you can win fabulous prizes. But the Year-End Promotion that is SwingGift is launching now defies the imagination. Take a look at the prizes.

1st prize:    set of gift vouchers worth € 1.000
2nd prize:    set of gift vouchers worth € 600
3rd prize:    set of gift vouchers worth € 400
4th – 50th prize:    gift vouchers galore

SwingGift, together with a number of partners, is giving away a total of € 7,500 worth of gift vouchers.

And that's not all! Each participant will also win

  • A SwingGift Voucher worth € 10 for a “Give a night”  overnight accommodation in one of 50,000 hotels worldwide
  • A Squizz photo album (24 pages, 21 x 21 cm) from “The Emotion Company” worth € 19.95 (€6.95 shipping costs to be paid by the participant).

You will receive these SwingGift Vouchers at the end of the promotion.

And what do you need to do for this? Tell us which gift voucher you would most like to receive for your New Year gift, why you are so mad about this voucher and in which outlet we can find it. As simple as that.

SwingGift discovered that the online magazine Zita was prepared to help create the advertising for this fabulous competition. But of course everyone can have a go at winning these totally amazing prizes.

So, have a go before 26 December at 24h00 and win one of the biggest New Year's gifts ever.